Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's the cold that hits me first.
Then the sheer emptiness and my memories.
I breathe in deeply; the echo created startles me, but the dusty ice-cold air fills my lungs satisfyingly.
I open my eyes, the cold makes them sting; I blink a few times as my eyes try to grow accustomed to being open.
I sigh.
The cold concrete beneath me digs into me and I'm numb all over.
I put my hands on the ground and stand up cautiously, wary of losing my balance. The sound of my every movement is amplified a thousand times and so, even though I'm barely moving at all; the sound is so loud that it hurts my ears.
I can finally see, but it's the middle of the night and there're no windows anyway, so my sight is limited. I can make out only outlines of the familiar surroundings, this cold dark place that has become my home.
I stretch out my stiff weary limbs and shiver. I pull my coat around me tighter and wish I had a blanket.

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