Saturday, July 4, 2009

An update and a poem. ♥♥

I'm going to Japan next week. I can't wait, I love the Japanese and everything about them and their culture. I'm a big Otaku. I used to draw manga loads, but I haven't the past two years; I started up again recently though, so if I get my scanner working I'll try to upload some of them, maybe.
Happy Fourth of July. I'm going to the US at the end of August, actually.
Here's something I wrote. It's a poem, I guess? Not really though.
Sorry I haven't been updating at all, btw. x

Are my eyes open, or are they closed?
Am I seeing, dreaming, imagining?

floating through the air.
On my back;
arms, legs outstretched,
fingers spread.

My eyes are open.
But am I seeing, dreaming, imagining?

Clusters of colours:
blues, yellows, greens, oranges, purples, reds, pinks;
every shade, every mix, everywhere.

Fleeting glimpses of people
walking, smiling;
laughing, running;
crying, screaming.
Far off, out of focus, silent;
to the side.

My eyes are closed.
But am I seeing, dreaming, imagining?

Rays of light coming though windows.
Windows everywhere,
I can't see them.
The room black,
the light shining,

Figure running towards me,
suit, hat,
polished shoes,
tie flowing,
leaning forward,
in a rush;

Stops dead, drops arms.
Elbows lift upwards,
one to his eyeline,
Other to his waist,
his arms follow,
and then his hands,
he starts to spin and twirl,
no longer there.

My eyes are gone.
Removed perhaps, holes remain.
But am I seeing, dreaming, imagining?
Indefinate shapes all around,
a faint watercolour.

A woman,
flowing skirt,
Looks at me,
tips over,
drops out of my vision;

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