Sunday, August 24, 2014


So, I dig collage, collage is cool. Way back- like, maybe a few months ago, at the beginning of the summer, I did some collages. I also did some more recently. I'm not really sure where all of them are, but here are some. Some of them have suffered a little since first being created, but whatevs.

So, uh- I don't think that one would get all this from just looking at this, but I've been pretty fed up by the lack of female narratives in, y'know, mainstream media, so I got really excited when I passively aggressively cut out a man in a chair from a magazine page only to find that on the other side of it was not one, but two women. Hmm, explaining it that way has made me realise that I'm not sure why I got excited. I don't know, the guy looked like an asshole, so I wanted him out of the picture, and found two women. Woo. And like, they weren't selling anything; they were just there. This is wandering away from me. Have the collage:

Something that's also been annoying me is the lack of women in my philosophy degree. Like, it's bad enough that we don't study feminism (at all) or feminist philosophers, but we also don't study female philosophers. Except Hannah Arendt. Who is a badass. Anyhow- as such, here is a poem about stuffy old anal academic philosophy, and an accompanying collage. 

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